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Get yourself the Best Portable AC in the market, and bring instant relief & cooling for almost any space. This is the most praised product nowadays and we have been hearing about it from lots of people.

We work to keep our customers updated so our team did the due diligence based on:

  • Three different fan speeds
  • Water tank for ice cubes for chilled Air
  • High & low cooling modes, with Water Curtain
  • Powered by included DC5V plug

Based on the above is our top pick, The Arctos Portable AC - Read our Full Review of our top pick just for you.


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Why is Arctos Portable AC Our Top Pick( Summary):

Instant Cooling

Arctos Portable AC cools any space in less than a minute. Tested & Reviewed by Our Expert team.

Effective 3 Working Modes

You can choose any of the 3 modes- low, medium & high based on the need. On hotter days, you can switch to the high-intensity mode and enjoy instant relief!

Stabdard Corded Style

Uses a standard US outlet plug in (DC5V plug)

What is Portable AC & How it Works?

Portable AC is a personal air cooler unit that drops temperature of any space by few degrees. Arctos Portable AC is a compact and powerful portable AC that can be carried from place to place and helps you refresh the surrouding air.

You can keep any space icey cool, without racking up huge bills.

It uses a genius water evaporation technique to absorb hot air into water curtain, capture the dust, and blow out fresh, cold air for up to several hours.

This is perfect for the office, home, outdoors. Remember it is portable, you can carry it with you and It provides you with a better, colder environment no matter where you are for up to several hours.

Some questions people ask us:

Q: Do I have to install The Arctos Portable AC?
Start this with Just Plug and play. Powered by internal DC5V.

Q: Will the Arctos Portable AC wake me up in the night?
Absolutely not. The high-tech, whisper-quiet fan soundlessly cools the bedroom all throughout the night without disturbance.

Q: Is Arctos Portable AC Safe to Use?
Absolutely safe to use, it is your personal air cooler that uses water and fans to cool off your surrounding space, which comes with no hazards and is super easy and safe.

Let us talk about cost effectiveness & cost!

Old, outdated AC’s run for $300-$600, plus the $200+ to have it installed. So you’d think that since the Arctos Portable AC is so new and high-tech it must cost at least $1000. But Arctos Portable AC sells for a retail cost of $138. Which is already an amazing deal. You are saving hundreds of dollars not only on buying but installation too.

But there is more you are paying half off! thanks to an incredibly generous offer from the company, The Arctos Portable AC is now available for only $89.99.

Just reminding you that the product comes with a 60 day money back guarantee too, you have nothing to fear, the company is quite confident of their product and is sure that you will fall in love with its working efficiency & Style.

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The Smart and Affordable Way to Cool Your Home

Did you know that AC is the most expensive part of your utilities bill each year? With Arctos AC, you can ensure you stay cool wherever you go in your home - without the huge bill!

Don’t waste thousands of dollars on expensive, slow, and inefficient AC units! Get budget-friendly, fast-acting cooling with Arctos AC.

Packed With Summer-Ready Features

Your Arctos AC is designed to keep you comfortable and chill all summer long!

Extra Cooling Features – Three different fan speeds, a water tank for ice cubes, high and low cooling modes, Water Curtain

Portable Device – Take your Arctos AC anywhere you go

Night Light – Great addition to your child’s bedtime routine

Super Small, Super Cooling Effect!

Don't let its small size fool you ─ Arctos AC instantly Cools any space by few degrees.

This portable AC is compact enough to carry from room to room. Instantly cool up your bedroom, your home office, and even your kitchen while you cook your favorite meals!

Wherever you are, Arctos AC will provide instant cooling!

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Arctos Portable AC


I used to sleep with a fan beside my bed, but I found it to be too loud! If I was reading beforehand, the breeze was always bothersome. The Arctos Portable AC unit gives me all the cold air I could ask for, but without all the hassles of my old fan. It’s great.


I bought this as a present for my dad who has a tiny workroom for his rock polishing projects. He loves it. Now he can do what he loves for longer because he’s more comfortable.


I enjoy the heat, but sometimes it can be a little overwhelming inside on the hottest days, even with the blinds closed shut. I love the Arctos Portable AC. Although it’s easy to move around, I prefer it right next to my reading chair. Keeps me happy.

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